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3 fun ways to create positive self talk in children

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

We all have thoughts and some are wonderful, positive thoughts that make us feel amazing but often we have thoughts that do not serve us like fear, worry and self-doubt. Who has let self-doubt stop them achieving something? I know I have!

As an adult it takes a huge amount of practice and self awareness to catch those unhelpful thoughts and instead invite in positive thoughts. If we can teach children from a young age to have positive self-talk then just think how their minds are going to bloom and what incredible things they are going to achieve in life as there will be no room for self-doubt.

How can we teach children about positive self talk then?

Firstly we need to make it age appropriate by bringing it to life in terms they understand and can connect with. I love the analogy that our minds are like gardens - the positive thoughts are the flowers and the unhelpful thoughts are weeds. We need to water our flowers so there is no room for the weeds. (Photo credit to @journey_to_wellness_)

Then we can move onto fun activities that can help them water their flowers. I love these and hope you do too!

ACTIVITY ONE - Positive affirmations

Let's help fill our little human minds with wonderful thoughts of themselves. They can repeat this list of positive affirmations after you or they can come up with their own. It's simple and VERY effective at boosting confidence, self esteem and nurturing their delicate little minds.

You can theme the affirmations to go with whatever might be going on in your child's life e.g if they are taking exams your affirmations could be I am focused, I am clever, I can do this. If your child is anxious affirmations like I am brave, I am strong, I am safe, work well and they can repeat them over and over so the anxious thoughts cannot slip in.

Positive affirmations are amazing to use during the day in classrooms or even childcare centres. You are never to young to create positive self talk! Before nap time for younger children or after lunch when the older kids bring the outside energy inside - you could get the children to repeat I am calm, I am relaxed, I am focused.

Positive affirmations are a wonderful way to start the day either at home or before learning in the classroom and at the end of the day they could be the last things they say before heading home after a great day at school or in bed before drifting off to sleep.

ACTIVITY TWO - Planting positivity

Here is a little video on a beautiful way to teach children positive self talk with nature craft:

What to do:

1. On a piece of card draw a flower pot and puncture some holes above the pot.

2. On your next walk in nature get your child or children (if you are doing this as a class) to pick flowers and pop them in the holes.

3. With each flower they add they need to say something positive about themselves!

4. Ask your child or children how they feel afterwards, it will be wonderful to listen to how confident they are feeling about themselves.

5. You can hang you flower pots or place them on the wall as a reminder to the children to think positive thoughts.

You are now ready to support your child in creating positive self talk! ENJOY the results!!

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