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Must-have mindfulness apps

Would you love some awesome apps to help your child sleep better, learn about their feelings and how to calm their mind and body with mindful activities?

If that's a big, "Yes!", then here are some great apps to try out with your child!

DreamyKid – Guided Meditations Just for Kids

This app offers meditations and guided visualisations that are great for bedtime. Get your child into bed and play one of these guided visualisations to help calm their mind and body, ready for drifting off to the land of Zzzzzzzz.

There are also some great meditations to play to help with focus and concentration and some awesome positive affirmations to give your child a little pep talk before exams, school or sporting activities!


Now this app is a must!! It has hundreds of sleep stories to help our children drift off into an amazing night's sleep! Plus it’s for us too, with bedtime stories read by celebrities! I personally loved falling asleep to the sounds of Matthew McConaughey in my ear!

The app also includes mindful topics, such as calming anxiety, mindfulness at work and how to calm kids. You can also download mindfulness programs to keep you on track to becoming totally Zen!

Stop, Breathe & Think Kids: Kids Meditation & Better Sleep

This is great for making mindfulness and meditation easy and fun for kids. It helps our children discover how to sleep better with some wonderful mindful sleep stories, as well as how to be calm and mindful through mindful missions and activities!


Another amazing app for us and the kids! There are hundreds of guided meditations for you and the kids to enjoy and relax to, whether it be in the car, nap time or at bed time!

There are also some wonderful mindfulness exercises for kids on kindness, calm and focus!

Plenty to learn and enjoy!

Relax Melodies

If you are just wanting some calming sounds and melodies to help your child drift off to sleep, then this is the app for you.

It has 52 free sounds to create a calming atmosphere for your child’s room at nap time or bedtime.

There are also some great sleep programs for adults, which include Sleep Moves – a guided exercise done with a pillow to help you fall into a blissful night's sleep! Wow, count me in!!

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