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Join the Mindful Mama Way for $497 (50% off)

Go from an exhausted and frustrated mama to a calm and confident mama by developing an awesome mindful parenting toolkit in this six-week online program. 

You'll have more energy, more patience and a lot more calm by having a beautiful mindful practice of your own. You will also develop an awesome mindful toolkit to help with those big parenting struggles – bringing calm to your family mornings, creating a bedtime routine everyone looks forward to, and learning effective techniques to help with big emotions and tantrums. 

What will you learn?
  • Module 1: Mindful Mama 'Me Time'
    Oh yes, this week we you will be creating your very own mindfulness practice, which will be simple but effective and take you from a tired mama to feeling bloomin' awesome again! 


  • Module 2: Calming Family Mornings
    We will learn some awesome techniques to go from busy, hectic mornings to calm, happy mornings with everyone ready and raring to go for the day ahead.  


  • Module 3: Supporting Big Emotions and Tantrums 
    It's time to focus on building emotional intelligence and self-regulation in our children's lives through some very effective and fun mindfulness techniques.


  • Module 4: Mindful 'Me Time' for Children
    This week, we will be helping our children calm their minds and bodies so that they can rest, reset and restore – a life-long skill!


  • Module 5: Creating Closer Connections 
    This week, we will learn how to support our children in becoming resilient, kind and compassionate!


  • Module 6: Mindful Bedtimes 
    We are going to create the most amazing bedtime routine – one that everyone looks forward to and one that supports deep, restorative sleep!

What's included?
  • Access to The Mindful Mama Way: Six modules will be released over six weeks, bringing mindful techniques into your mama life and your children's lives.

  • Access to the Mindful Mama Way Facebook Village: This supportive, private group will be a place where we will be setting our weekly intentions and celebrating our mama wins, as well as inspiring and supporting one another!

  • 6  x Meditations: Each Monday, a new guided meditation will be released for us to listen to each morning, creating our daily mindful practice. 

  • 6  x Q&A Sessions: Each Thursday evening, I will be live online to answer any questions or provide any support you may need that week in implementing your mindfulness techniques with your family. 

  • BONUS! 3 x Special Mama Treats: I will be inviting some beautiful guests to hold some very special virtual sessions for us, which I am sure you are going to LOVE!!

  • BONUS! Mindful Mama Welcome Pack: An awesome mindful pack will arrive at your door, packed full with heaps of tools to support you in bringing life-changing mindfulness techniques into your family life, PLUS a Mindful Mama self-care kit.

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