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Calling all 


Are you ready to go from "exhausted and frustrated" to "calm and confident"? 

OK mamas, does this sound like you?

You feel totally exhausted, like you have no energy left.


You are in constant battle mode with the kids.


You are struggling to deal with your children's big emotions and tantrums.


You are trying to calm everyone and yet it all just ends up with more yelling.


And SERIOUSLY, if you have another bedtime struggle you are just going to lock yourself in the bathroom and scream!!


Oh, and YOU TIME? What does that even look like?

You and your needs are at the bottom of the list every day and you never get to the end of that list – EVER!!!

It is no surprise, because our days are jam-packed, we have so much going on, we are supposed to be everything to everyone! That’s what being a mum is all about, or so we're told. 

Surely, there has to be a better way?!?

Introducing... The Mindful Mama Way!

The Mindful Mama Way is a 6-week program, starting 13 September, where you will get one-to-one support and nurturing advice for you and your family, while gaining confidence and learning how to bring mindfulness into your daily routine.

Give you the support you need to make lasting changes in your life, taking you from "exhausted and frustrated" to "energised and calm"

Introduce you to new tools and techniques to create an awesome mindful mama toolkit, which you can use to help deal with those parenting struggles we all face

Build your confidence and knowledge in providing you with life-changing skills for your child so they can grow into calm, confident and resilient children

Create a calm family lifestyle full of connection

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I want to help you...

Wake up in the morning feeling bloomin' awesome, ready for the day ahead

Feel nurtured and supported, so you can thrive as a mama

Create a self-care routine, so you have energy and patience to share all that love inside

Become a more confident, calm mama

Create a mindfulness toolkit to support with all the parenting struggles we face

Wondering if this is the right program for you? 

There are lots of parenting programs out there, BUT you want a program

that is actually going to... 

Make a difference to your life AND your family's life!

You want to be supported while implementing new practices into your family's life.

You want to feel nurtured and for someone to help you consistently put yourself fist for once! (You kinda need someone to be accountable to coz you want to see and feel different- I hear you I am exactly the same!)

You want to celebrate your personal and parenting wins with like-minded supportive mamas.

This is the life-changing program YOU need in your life right now to change things for the better! 

Create an amazing mindful mama self-care routine

A different area of mindfulness implemented into your family life each week

Weekly mindful mama online coffee catch-ups & Q&A sessions

Join a supportive, nurturing mindful mama online community

All delivered in simple, short and sweet weekly videos for us busy mamas, 1:1 support with me, weekly coffee catch up and meditations in our Mindful Mama Way Village and some very exciting guest appearances! 

Together, let's make your life calm, your family connected and you a happy and well-rested mama! 

So what exactly is the 6-week plan?

1:1 Virtual Coffee Catch-up

We we schedule a 1:1 online session so you can let me know what is going on in your life and how we can help make some changes to support you and your family. This will ensure we see some real changes over the 6 weeks in both your personal life and your family life. 

Weekly Mama & Family Mindfulness Modules

Each Sunday evening for 6 weeks, starting 13 September, a new area of mindfulness to implement in your and your family's life will be made available to you. This will be delivered in videos that you can watch in your own time, making it quick and easy to learn about and implement different mindfulness tools, tips and techniques to support with those parenting struggles that we all face, including:

  • Create Mindful Mama Me Time

  • Create a calming family morning routine

  • How to support big emotions & tantrums

  • Building Mindful Me Time into your child's life to help calm busy minds and bodies 

  • Creating a closer connection with your child

  • Mindful bedtimes everyone looks forward to

The Mindful Mama Village 

You will be invited to join this nurturing and supportive Facebook group, full of like-minded mamas lifting each other up, celebrating parenting and self-care wins and holding each other accountable. Also, every Thursday, I will come into our Mama Village to answer any questions you may have about the weekly mindfulness modules and how you can best implement these tools into your life or your family life.

The Mindful Mama Welcome Pack  

A beautiful Mindful Mama welcome pack will arrive at your front door, filled with special gifts to help bring mindfulness into your own life and into your family life. 

 Weekly  Meditations &

Coffee Catch-Ups  

Every Monday for 6 weeks I will hold a Zoom meditation and coffee catch-up for us mamas to start the week the right way. We will set our intentions and create a calming week ahead! 

Regular Guest Experts

I will be regularly inviting some pretty amazing mamas to come into our group to help build some new and exciting practices into our lives as mamas! Exactly what and who is a surprise, but you are going to LOVE it! 

+ Lots + Lots + Lots of nurturing and support along the way!

I am currently offering 50% off

for the first 10 Founding Mama Members

making it $497 (instead of $997)!

Program starts on 13 September  

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