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Visualisation = healthy and calm minds

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

We want to support our children in creating healthy minds and one way to do this very effectively is through visualisations! If you have ever done a meditation you know afterwards you feel like you have been on a mini holiday in your mind. It is exactly the same for our children! 

Giving them the opportunity to stop and rest and listen to a visualisation can be life changing for them. 

They will learn that they can use their minds to calm themselves, take a break from their busy day and create a special, safe place by simply closing their eyes.

Visualisation have changed our whole bedtime experience. My daughter now looks forward to going to bed and connecting with me while I make up a visualisation for her each night. It is my favourite time of day.

I have created a FREE visualisation for your to try either at home for parents or educators you can try with your children before nap time or when you need to create quiet time. It is only a few minutes long but I promise if you play it every day you will start seeing the benefits!

When to use a visualisation

At bed-time

Reading or playing visualisations will calm your child's mind and body so they can drift off experiencing deep restorative sleep full of positive thoughts and feelings. 

After lunch

It's so important to add quiet time into a child's day. Sitting and listening to a visualisation will restore children's energy increasing focus and concentration for the rest of the day  

After a tantrum

A child has little energy after processing big emotions, a perfect time to play a visualisation. Supporting them in processing emotions in the safe, quiet place in their mind.  

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