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Six tips to supporting big emotions in our children and us.

“The answer is found in the emotion, not being free from the emotion.”


And that is what I have been focusing on in March! On my socials I have shared heaps of tips, tools and free downloads on hot to...

How to support big emotions with mindfulness

  • Listen to, talk about and process our emotions.

  • Support our children with their big emotions so they can self-regulate BUT make the whole process fun and easy!

  • As adults tap into our emotions instead of tapping out!

I have rounded all these tips, tools and free downloads up in my latest blog which you can check below. I hope you enjoy giving these all a go and do let me know which ones you like best!!

Tip #1 - it’s all in connecting to the breath in a fun way! Click on the post to watch the video poppy and I took! This is one of our fav go-to breathing props to help slow down and calm big emotions!

Tip #2 - a breathing exercise for us as adults! When we get stressed, frustrated, angry this is a good go to breathing exercise to bring quick calm to our big emotions!

Tip #3 - It’s never too young to start practicing deep breathing! It’s just all about making it age appropriate! So with the really little ones spend time breathing with things that move when they breathe out!

  • Leaves

  • Bubbles

  • Flowers

They love it, it calming and it’s beautiful connection with you! Josh and I spend a good 10mins blowing dandelions yesterday afternoon and we were both so calm and happy!!!

I gave him lots of praise and he was so proud of his big breaths!

Tip #4 - checking in not tapping out! As adults how can we can check in with our emotions? We lead very busy lives constantly plugged in so how can we unplug, check in with ourselves and listen to our emotions??!! Here is how....

Tip #5 - physically helping our children move through their emotions!

To support our children with their emotions a great place to start is talking to them about emotions and where in their body they feel those emotions. For example...