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Mindful nature activities for the whole family!

One of the simplest ways to introduce mindfulness into your family’s life is to weave it into your everyday activities - including when you're out and about enjoying Mother Nature!

Mindfulness starts with us as parents, and I found the best and simplest way to introduce mindfulness into my family’s life was to weave it into our everyday activities.

As soon as you get into the flow of including mindfulness into your family routine, it just becomes a way of life.

I am excited to share with you my top three family mindfulness activities that connect us to nature. Now is a great time to get out in nature, put the gum boots on, get dirty, get our hands in the autumn leaves and appreciate all the beautiful colours we are currently surrounded by!

Not only are these activities free (or super cheap) but they get everyone out of the house and feeling great!.

Nature Colour Hunt

My daughter loves this activity and it can be done over and over again for children of all ages! It keeps them entertained on long or short walks and gets them connecting with the nature around them, as they take time to really appreciate the colours and textures of what they find.

What you need:

  • 1 piece of card per child

  • 6 little pegs per child (you can purchase these in a dollar shop)

  • Colouring pens

How to create your Nature Hunt Card:

  • On a piece of cardboard, colour in square blocks for each of the following colours: yellow, pink, brown, green, blue and orange

  • Use glue to a peg above each coloured square

Once you have created your Nature Hunt Card, you're ready to head out on your walk. As you go, ask your children to find nature's gifts that match the coloured squares (such as a pink flower or a green leaf). Once they find something, they just need to peg it to the matching colour!

Nature Mandalas