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How to calm a child in 10 seconds!

Teaching children about self-regulation and how the power of their breath can help calm their mind and body is easy when you use some fun props!

As part of my new Yoga & Mindfulness Program for Preschools I am empowering Educators to become confident yoga & mindfulness leaders at their centre enabling them to approach children’s learning with a holistic approach. One of the things we work through is how to teach children about self-regulation and how to use our breath to calm our minds and bodies.

One of my favourite props is the magic breathing wand (AKA glitter baton, $4 from Kmart) and I promise it really does calm your child in 10 seconds! It helps a child breathe out all the hot air they have bubbling up inside, especially when they are getting frustrated and angry. Kids tend to breathe in and in and in and forget to breathe out, so we have to teach them how and why to breathe out!!

Here's how to do it:

Demonstrate how to do it first, holding the stick out in front of you taking a big breath in.

Turn the stick over and breathe out while watching the glitter sink to the bottom.

The key is to breathe all the way out until all the glitter reaches the bottom.

Then ask your child to do the same and watch in amazement as they calm themselves simply by focusing on the glitter and their breath!

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