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FREE downloadable Kindness Activity

One of the most important family values we have in our household is kindness. Kindness towards others and towards ourselves. 

I have created a super fun kindness activity the whole family will love to help remind us in bringing daily kindness to us all...KINDNESS BINGO!

How to complete Kindness Bingo:

1. Download and print the below Kindness Bingo Template

2. Read through all the squares with your child

3. Stick on the fridge

4. Get a sticker for each kindness activity completed

5. Each time you completed a row have a small celebration

6. When you complete ALL the squares decide on a BIG celebration! 

I hope you all love this fun activity! Share which activities were your family favourite - mine was helping without asking!!!


Kindness Bingo Template
Download PDF • 47KB

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