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5 ways to turn bubbles into calming activities. Yes this is possible!

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

OMG my little girl Loves bubbles - in fact what kid doesn't huh! So here are some awesome ways to turn their love of bubbles into calming (yes we can make bubbles calming!) mindful experiences that help children process some big emotions. AND I even have a calming use for the tube afterwards!

1. Mindful bubble breathing -

Get your tube of bubbles and have the child stand up tall and take a big breath in through their nose and then slowly blow out through their mouth to create lots of bubbles. Repeat a few times. Talk about how powerful their breath is and how they used their breath to create those bubbles. Link the breathing in through our nose and out through our mouth to calming our body. Ask the child to have another go at blowing bubbles and ask them how their mind and body feels. 

We can then remind children when they are feeling all the feels and might tip into a big meltdown to take a big breath in and out just like we did with our bubbles!

2. Popping our worries - if you have a little worrier who might not be great at talking about their worries then grab a tube of bubbles say to your child 'we are going to have some fun with these bubbles to help us with our worries'. They are going to be so intrigued and more willing to chat! Head out into the garden and ask your child to share any worries they might have, hopefully you can work through some of those worries now they have shared them with you.

Now it's time to pop those worries away! Get your child to say their worry out loud, blow the bubbles and pop each worry (bubble) with their finger imagining that with each pop of a bubble they are popping those worries away! You have successfully helped your child share their worry which means that they have then been able to process their worry and then let it go with a pop of a bubble!

3. Still as a statue - it's your turn to blow the bubbles now! Get your child to stand really still with their hands out while you blow bubbles around them. The aim is for a bubble to land on their hand or arm and when it does ask your child what colours they see, what does the bubble feel like, what does it smell like? They can now pop the bubble and ask again - ooo what did that feel like! As they have had to stand still like a statue this is such a calming mindful activity and you have got your child to focus on nothing but that one bubble on their hand! WOW!

4.Silly to still - This is such a great way to teach children how to go from silly to calm really quickly! You will blow one or just a few big bubbles high into the air and your child can dance around, be silly, run around UNTIL the bubble lands on the floor. The second it hits the floor they have to stop, take a big breath in and out and be completely still and calm. You can have as many goes as you like at this - the main lesson here is teaching our children that taking a big breath in and out can help us go from busy to calm very quickly!

5. What to do with the empty bubble tube! I had so many of those bubble tubes hanging around the house when I discovered this awesome way to make use of them all AND create a calming tool for my child! Check this video out -

So there we have it some really awesome, effective ways to turn a simply tube of bubble into some calming mindful activities you and the children will love to together!

If you are keen to bring more mindfulness into your family life then check out my new program - The Mindful Mama Way! A life changing program for YOU and YOUR family!

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