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We help you to bring mindfulness into your family home through our Mindful Family Essential Series. These online workshops will help bringing mindfulness and calm to bedtimes, busy mornings and big emotions! I cannot wait to bring the many benefits of mindfulness into your family home. 

Coming Soon - Our Mindful Families Essential Series


These mindfulness workshops will cover the below areas of our family life:

Creating a calm bedtime everyone looks forward to 


Bedtimes can be full on, it can take children a long time to calm their mind and body down before bed.In this workshop I will support you in bringing some calming techniques to your evening routine and turn bedtimes into a time everyone looks forward to! You will all get that deep restorative sleep we all need so we all wake up happy!

It’s time to find yourself again mama!

Yes mum’s this one is just for you! In this workshop we will work together to create your very own mindful practice -  this is going to be life changing for you I promise! Mama I am going to help make you feel more patient, more present and so much happier and fulfilled!

Supporting big emotions in our little humans 


This workshop will help you bring simple, fun and extremely effective mindful techniques to help our children move through the big emotions they face in their lives. I cannot wait for you to seeing the incredible results these practices can bring in building emotional intelligence, self- regulation and calming busy minds and bodies.

Creating calm and connected mornings

 In this workshop we will be focusing on turning our morning from a busy, stressful time of day to a calmer more present morning. Implementing these awesome morning mindfulness practices will ensure you and your child start the day with confidence, resilience and an inner calm ready for the day ahead. 

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