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Parents & families

We help you to bring mindfulness into your family home through our downloadable Mindful Families Toolkit, which is full of simple, fun and effective activities that your children will love!

Would you like to introduce mindfulness into your family home to create a calmer life, but have no idea where to start?


Would you like to teach your children some amazing life-skills while connecting with them, having fun and impacting their lives?


Would you like to support your children's physical well-being through fun, mindful activities that the whole family can enjoy together?

Our downloadable Mindful Families Toolkit features everything you need to start building mindfulness into your daily life, supporting your entire family in becoming calmer, happier and more connected. 

Who is it for?

Families with children aged 4-9 years.


What will you gain?

You will gain the tools and skills needed to:

  • Help your children relax their minds and bodies at the end of a busy day

  • Help your children gain a deeper, better night's sleep

  • Connect with your family through fun, mindful activities

  • Teach your child how to use their breath to self-regulate, helping them to deal with tantrums and big emotions

  • Enjoy calming mindful activities which focus on gratitude, emotions and connecting with nature and each other.

What’s in your Mindful Families Toolkit:

  • Instructional videos on how to make the most of your toolkit

  • Printable mindful movement cards

  • Printable mindful breathing cards

  • 30 days of mindful activities

  • Printable family movement poses

  • Fun, family movement video

  • Calming night-time video routine

Our Mindful Family Toolkit will be launching soon.

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