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We help you to bring mindfulness into your family home through The Mindful Mama Way -a 6 week online program enabling you to strengthen your connections and raise calm, confident children

The Mindful Mama Way - starting 13 September

Do you feel totally exhausted and have no energy? Are you in constant battle mode with the kids, dealing with big emotions, tantrums, struggles at bedtime, trying to calm everyone and just end up yelling and being that mum you didn't want to be?

Are you running out of ideas on how to support your child or children? You are starting to worry that you are not giving your child what they need. What even is that anyway?????

Oh and You Time what does that even look like? You are at the bottom of the list every day and you never get to the end of that list – EVER!!!

It’s not your fault because our days are jammed packed, we are supposed to be everything to everyone! That’s what being a mum is were told. 

So right I want to help!


I want to be by your side to support you in creating more energy, waking up with bright eyes after a good nights sleep. Help you create an awesome toolkit to deal with all those big parenting struggles we have. Help you in become a more confident Mama whose day is calm. 

 A mama who knows how to put herself first so she has the energy to share all that love inside.

I am going to give you confidence in knowing that you are giving your child life skills and what's more you will have the energy to lead by example!!


If you want all of that join me for my 6 week online program! It will not only be life changing for you but for your whole family.

What exactly is the 6 week plan?


Mindful Mama Way Online Program

Six life changing modules with one new module opened up every Sunday night. At the end of each module we will complete a Mindful Mama Way Activity to help implement strategies in our lives. 

The Mindful Mama Way Village

You are not alone! You are going to be welcomed into the private The Mindful Mama Village FB Group – because we know it takes a village to raise a child! Each Thursday I will pop into the group to hold a Q&A to run through the areas of mindfulness we are working on that week!  

1:1 Virtual Coffee Catch Up 

When you join we will have a catch up to chat through where you are and the support you need so together we can see some big changes over the six weeks.

The Mindful Mama Village Weekly Coffee Catch Up & Meditation 

At the start of each week us beautiful mamas will come together with our coffees and set ourselves up for a successful week with a good chat and meditation! 

Guest Speakers - I will be inviting some pretty amazing mamas to come into our group every other week to help build some new and exciting practices and experiences into our lives as mamas! Exactly what and who is a surprise but you are going to LOVE it! 

The Mindful Mama Way Tool Kit - When you join The Mindful Mama Way you will be gifted a pretty awesome toolkit which contains so many goodies to help you bring mindfulness into your life and your families life.

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