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Parents & families

We help you to bring mindfulness into your family home through our Mindful Family Essential Series. These online workshops will help bringing mindfulness and calm to bedtimes, busy mornings and big emotions! I cannot wait to bring the many benefits of mindfulness into your family home. 

The Mindful Families Essential Series

These online mindfulness workshops can be completed in your own time and will support you in bringing effective mindfulness techniques into various areas of your family life. 

The must have guide for calm bedtimes

Can bedtimes sometimes be a struggle? Do your children find it hard to calm their minds and bodies down at night? Are you sat on your child's bed trying to help them sleep every night? 

In this guide over eight bite sized videos you will learn how to: 

  • Release the big emotions and tension from the day so their minds and body are ready for sleep

  • Create relaxation that will help your child calm their body down 

  • Use breathing to calm your child’s mind so they can fall asleep themselves



You will also receive three downloadable audio visualisations to play at bedtime for your children!

Calm Bed time
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The must have guide for 

calm & connected mornings

OMG whose mornings are hectic? Are you already exhausted and frazzled before you leave the house? Do the kids play up in the morngins and make everyone stressed out?

In this must have guide, over seven bite-sized videos and downloads you will learn how to:

  • Start the day off with so much energy and so many smiles

  • Create connection with your children amongst the busyness

  • Set the tone of YOUR day in a beautiful morning practice

  • Create awesome mindful car journeys



You will also receive our downloadable Family Mindful Movement Cards (worth $9.98!) to create fun, family connections!

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The must have guide to supporting big emotions

in our children and us!

Wow, our children have some big emotions, don’t they?!? What can we do to support our children move through these big emotions? How can we stay compassionate and patient ourselves when our children's emotions turn into tantrums and meltdowns?


In this must have guide, over nine bite-sized videos, you will learn:

  • How to teach your child to self-regulate

  • Calming techniques for us as parents 

  • Activities to teach children how to communicate their emotions



 Downloadable audio mindfulness exercises to create a calm car

journey to school or preschool!

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The must have guide to building alone mamma time into your day

Mama, are you ready to find yourself again but don’t know where to start? Are you desperate to know how to create your own self-care plan that actually works and sticks? Are you soooooooooooooo ready to start putting yourself first, so you find time just to be YOU?

If yes, then this workshop is meant for you! Over six bite-sized videos and downloads you will create your very own Mindful Mama Time that:

  • Introduces a self-care practice that allows you to rediscover yourself

  • Gives you more patience, self-compassion and energy

  • Enables you to be the best version of yourself EVERY DAY!


You will also receive a downloadable journal​ so that you can begin recording your thoughts and feelings. 

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Buy all four workshops & save! 

Purchase all four of The Mindful Family Essential Series and you will not only be bringing mindfulness into all these areas of your family life, but SAVING $10 as well! 

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