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Parents & families

We help you to bring mindfulness into your family home through our Mindful Families Online Program and our downloadable Mindful Families Digital Toolkit, enabling you to strengthen your connections and raise calm, confident children

Mindful Families Online Program

Would you like to introduce mindfulness into your family home to create a calmer life, but have no idea where to start?


Would you like to teach your children some amazing life-skills while connecting with them, having fun and impacting their lives?


Would you like to support your children's physical well-being through fun, mindful activities that the whole family can enjoy together?

Our Mindful Families Online Program, which you can complete in your own time, will provide you with so many fun and effective ideas and resources that will enable you to bring mindfulness into your family routine quickly and easily.

Mindful Family Digital Toolkit


​Our downloadable Mindful Family Digital Toolkit features a collection of resources to kickstart your family's mindful journey.


It includes:

  • Instructions on how to make the most of your resources

  • Printable mindful movement cards

  • Printable family movement cards

  • 30 days of mindful activities


These are sure to keep your children engaged for hours!


The 30 days of mindful activities will support your children in learning about their emotions, gratitude and getting out in nature through beautiful mindful crafts.


Our movement cards are fun for the whole family and will help in creating healthy minds and bodies. Simply download and enjoy! 

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